Alberto Riehl: All right so we’re recording. This is Alberto Riehl and I’m with one of our clients and one of our members, Michael. And Michael, the first thing I’d like to ask is just so far with our program Predictable Premium, what’s your favorite thing so far?
Michael: So far it’s really been the support. I get on these calls with all these other guys that are doing the same thing and they’re having some of the same problems and I’m listening to the advice that you’re giving them, the advice that they’re giving each other on the Facebook group and I really enjoyed seeing some of that. It’s kind of helped me tighten a bit of what I’m doing and kind of validated some of the stuff that I’ve been running into that it’s not just me. There are other people that have these problems and there are solutions to them. There’s people that’s overcome them as well. That’s, I think, been the single biggest thing that I’ve noticed so far. I’m only a few weeks in, but that’s been a great help for me.
Alberto Riehl: Nice. Nice. Anything else that you want to share? Maybe your biggest takeaway or anything else that you might want to share about the program experience so far?
Michael: I think just having something to go off of. I’m reading through these scripts. I mean I’m seeing things that you worked out and what you’ve done and just kind of taking that and being able to start working with it immediately working it into my presentations and starting to use some of the language and that. This is something you don’t have to reinvent the wheel which is great because I know there have been plenty of people that have been successful doing this. So, why do I have to come up with everything from scratch? You know, start building off of what people have proven works and make that work for me.
Alberto Riehl: Yeah. Awesome. Yeah, that’s one of the things that we get from a lot of our agents and advisors is that all the decisions are pre-made already, right? While most people are trying to do the best they can out there with just do whatever they can do, everything has been pre-decided and that’s what makes it easy. You just follow the steps, step by step and if you do that, you’ll get results. Awesome man. Well thanks for coming on and sharing that with us.