Todd: [inaudible].
Alberto Riehl: All right. This is Alberto Riehl with Predictable Premium and I have Todd here joining me. He’s one of our clients and students, and becoming one of our friends. He’s been with us for a little while.
Todd, first thing if you can share with us, what’s your favorite thing about our program so far?
Todd: My favorite thing about the program so far is I’m very impressed with the results that the agents are posting in the group in terms of what they’re writing, very impressive as property casualty agents. I don’t write that kind of premium and I’d certainly like to and that’s why I’m in the program, to step up my life production in a big way,, because as a property casualty agent, pretty much all the company awards are based on life insurance production. All the trips, all the accolades and the kudos are based on life insurance production.
My favorite thing about the program is being able to interact with the other agents that are on from all parts of the country, all different companies, it’s very inspiring to me as opposed to stocking the same agents locally from the same carrier. So it gives much different perspective on the business in a very positive way, its very inspirational and motivational.
Alberto Riehl: Nice, awesome, good deal. And so far what do you feel has been your biggest takeaway from the program or biggest lesson that you like or appreciate?
Todd: Getting to preparation that you teach for appointment, in some cases to some agents it might be common sense but even after being in the business for 33 years, and being distracted by the circus,if you will, of the property [inaudible] business. Its difficult to be prepared, or think about it half of the time, but it’s very critical and I agree with your teachings on that since I have been in the business for a very long time. Preparation for the appointment including common sense things like being on time, and dressing nice, and parking in the driveway that was not something I really thought about before but it makes a lot of sense.
So the script itself is very powerful and so much looking forward to actually being at the point where I can preside to somebody but all the videos that I watched so far, more or less four now, are right on, spot on from my experience in the insurance business. And as you stated in your videos, it’s not something that life insurance companies really teach their agents, and it’s something that they should teach their agents. Specifically what I would call a red letter language presence, showing people illustrations and talking about product types and so on.
Alberto Riehl: Awesome man, good deal. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this.