Sam & Karen


Alberto Riehl: All right. Hey guys, this is Alberto Riehl, I’m here with Sam and Karen, a mother-daughter team that are very successful. Thank you ladies for taking a couple of minutes just to share with us a little bit about your experience. Really, the first question is just what’s been your favorite thing about predictable premium so far?
Speaker 2: I think for me, honestly, just having somebody outside of the two of us to bounce ideas off of, to have conversation about and to really challenge us to figure out where we want to take our business. We have that conversation all the time, but to have it with an unbiased third party who also wants to see us succeed is been really eye-opening because it’s forcing me to think about things that we haven’t really thought about in a while.
Alberto Riehl: Yeah.
Speaker 3: For me, 39 years in the business, you know, I’ve worked with a lot of very successful companies. I’ve tried a bunch of different systems. I’ve been highly, highly successful. But when I listened to your video on Facebook and you were saying predictable, repeatable, duplicatable on and on and on. But getting the qualified individuals to talk with us, that was very attractive to me, and everything that you’ve delivered so far in each of the lessons has been laid out so well that I can’t wait. I mean, I wish I could just push my life aside for the next two weeks, so I could just get through it, get started, get going and be uber successful at this as well. But I just feel very confident that we’re going to be able to knock it out of the park.
Alberto Riehl: Awesome. Cool. Thank you so much. What would you say is your biggest takeaway so far in the program?
Speaker 3: Mostly that I’ve been doing it all wrong, and it’s that I have been so successful.
Speaker 2: That’s actually true.
Speaker 3: It is true. Oh my God, all the things you talk about throwing up stuff that people don’t care about. It’s ridiculous. I just love the strategy behind everything to really get to what’s important with the client. I really believe we’ve been put here to serve others and to help them achieve something that they can’t get on their own. The process that you’ve laid out I think does it in a much better fashion than with all the companies I’ve ever worked for, so I’m really excited.
Alberto Riehl: Awesome. You know one thing that came to mind right now. They call it the four steps of consciousness. There’s people that are born already at the furthest. They call that an unconscious competence. They say people like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs are unconscious competence, meaning unconsciously naturally they do it. And so that’s something that I believe that you have been throughout your life.
You’ve been successful with self-discipline and strong will, but what’s cool is that when the unconscious competence actually figure out like, “Wow, this is what I’ve been doing.” When you can actually identify this is what I’ve been doing, this is where I’m so successful, guess what? Now I can multiply that where I know exactly what the formula is. That’s pretty cool that you identified that.
Ladies again, thank you so much for taking a couple of minutes, and I will see you on …