Alberto Riehl: Here we go. All right guys, so this is Alberto Riehl and I’m here with David. David is one of our clients with Predictable Premium and actually he’s been with us for a little bit now. And so, he’s getting to be a friend. David, thanks for spending a couple of minutes with us. I just wanted to ask you, what’s been your favorite thing about Predictable Premium so far?
David: Well, I was a new agent when I started with you and I almost left the industry before finding you in February. So, the fact that I’ve been able to turn the page and turn this into my own business now with your guidance, using every step-by-step, is what the real dream was from the beginning was to be self-employed, and I’m making it happen. So, I owe all that to the program and our community. I’ve reached out to a couple of people, and they just keep me going, and it’s great.
Alberto Riehl: Awesome, man. Awesome. Great to hear it. We have the platform. We have the step-by-step system. But at the same time, I wanna give you credit because it still takes some work, and it sill takes some discipline and some willpower. And you gotta get out there and make it happen, so congrats on it, man, for doing that. I’m glad that you have such an amazing story to share now. You have, for many people, it’s just something that never comes to pass, but when you do it right, it’s an amazing opportunity to have where you can create your own hours, and work out of your home if you want to, and be your own boss, and travel, and go to music festivals, right?
David: Right. I don’t have to report to anybody. That’s the goal.
Alberto Riehl: So, yeah, so that’s pretty cool. And what’s been your biggest takeaway about the program so far?
David: Like you said, nobody’s gonna be able to do it for you, you gotta do it yourself. You gotta put in the work. You gotta take it day by day, and it’s not gonna happen in one day. You’re expanding our mindset to think a different way. And that’s really what made it work and click is because I think it was September, last month I did more than I did in my whole career as an agent before that. So, in one month I get a year’s worth of trying. So, I just proved to myself that I could do it and the system works. It just takes effort and nobody else is gonna do it for me, so I just gotta put in the work, and go from there.
Alberto Riehl: Awesome, man. Well, awesome. We do have an amazing community. You kinda touched on that just a little bit and everybody’s not only sharing their wins and inspiring people, but that’s where we go when we struggle. And again, as a business owner, we’re gonna have some ups and downs and everybody helps each other, supports each other, no matter what. One of the cool things that I really liked about your post about last month is that, a lot of people will talk about, “Hey, I did this much, 20,000. I did 30,000.” Whatever it might be, but I love how transparent you were, and you just like, “Hey, check out a picture of my back office. Check out a picture of my submitted business.” That’s pretty cool.
There’s a book called Principles by Ray Dalio and that’s the one thing I took away from it. He has something called radical transparency, and that’s one thing I do with my company, with my employees. I share my numbers with actually even you guys. But with my employees at the beginning of the meeting we’ll share our numbers. I’ll share my screen so they know exactly what’s coming in, we’re having a good month, a good day, bad month. And I think that’s great. It really brings a new level of authenticity.
Speaking of good months, man. Last month, September, what’d you end up with for the month?
David: It ended up with 10 apps and 47,000 in first.
Alberto Riehl: That’s awesome. 47,000. 47,000 in a month, man, that’s a good month. Congratulations, buddy.
David: Thank you. And it’s half of my goal, but it’s still a huge stepping stone. Like I said, I had to reset my 90 day goal, so come December its pretty chunky, but I’m working towards it. It’s gonna happen.
Alberto Riehl: Awesome, buddy. Well, David, again, thanks for spending a couple minutes with us and we’ll see you on the next call, buddy.
David: For sure. No problem.