Sam N


Hey, this is Sam Nickerboker. I’m a life insurance agent out in Utah, and have just loved this program working with Alberto Riehl and his team. They made it seamless to start working with them. There’s a huge online community of people who have done and are achieving success, just the right amount of success so that you’re still really excited every week, every Monday and Thursday, to hop on and get the training that you need, answers your questions personally, tons and tons of resources. You can’t get better. And then the biggest thing is they actually give you the scripts, the words to use to be successful with what they’re being successful with. So they’re not holding anything back. There’s no secrets. I love that about it. Honestly, just within the first week or two of changing how I thought about what I could achieve and through their coaching, I was able to close about double my biggest month. So I made about 22, $23,000 in my first month working with them. So I definitely would recommend it.