Hello everybody. My name is Sanan. Just recording this brief video as a testimonial in order to have access into the new platform that Alberto has put together for us in this course coaching, Predictable [inaudible 00:00:21]. I have to say that since taking this coaching with Alberto, I’ve been touching on things that I already knew, but somehow I had procrastinated to implementing. What I like about the course is definitely that it’s making me take accountability, take responsibility for going out there and doing what I am supposed to be doing on a daily basis. The daily activities. Looking forward that everybody else is having a blast with this. I have to say that it can be a little bit uncomfortable at times, because we are doing things a little bit different, but definitely have to say that
learning new ways, and I have to go out there and impact people’s lives. Just by doing small changes and how we present them, how we present something of value for them for their families, and making sure that we are educating them.

Thank you for the opportunity. I am very thrilled that I am going through this process. Thank you, Alberto. And looking forward to become one of the best if not the best student of following this, following the steps of what you have done in the industry. And definitely making sure that I get the most out of it, and thank you.