Alberto R.: All right. So, guys this is Alberto Riehl, and I’m here with one our Predictable Premium clients, Andrew. And, Andrew, I just wanted to, well first of all, thank you for taking the time to hang with us for a little bit. And, I wanted to see what’s your favorite thing about Predictable Premium so far?
Andrew: Yeah, so far, you know, one of the biggest take aways that I didn’t expect with Predictable Premium was that it’s not just like a simple plug and play pay us money and we’ll help you get life insurance prospects. But, it’s really been more of a mindset shift of how to approach selling and prospecting and to think about money. And, so, I didn’t really expect that. But, the whole mindset shift that Alberto and the system of Predictable Premium has been really helpful to me.
Alberto R.: Nice. Awesome, man. Awesome. Great to hear. Yeah, you know, it’s funny, I’ve had a lot of guys share about the mindset. And, the more that I study, the more I realize how valuable that is, you know? And, we study athletes a lot. I believe that sales professionals are like professional athletes, we should be practicing every single day. Professional athletes are practicing twice a day sometimes, you know? And, the average sales person out there will get decent in the first year maybe, and start having some average results that maybe, you know, it kind of pays some bills. And, then, they kind of slow down and take it easy. And, of course, you know, we’re always pushing to keep going and keep raising the bar. And, I’m glad that you recognize that, that mindset makes a big difference.
You know, you can give a program or a script to 50 different people, 50 different sales professionals. And, the guys with the better mindset, with the most confidence, with the healthiest self esteem are going to outperform everybody else every time, you know, with the tools. So, the tools are great. But, having the mindset, of course, to use them can make a big difference. So, cool.
Anything else that you’d like to share as far as the program goes?
Andrew: You know, not right now. You know, I’ve got my leads and stuff ordered from Peter and the mailing service. So, I’m looking forward to those to start rolling in. And, you know, just looking forward to the next step.
Alberto R.: Awesome, buddy. Well, thank you for being with me.
Andrew: Yeah.
Alberto R.: All right. Awesome, dude. So, all right. Now my next meeting isn’t until 8:44 Pacific time. So, we have over half an hour. I have no problem going over half an hour. I’ve been doing that with the guys just to, I’m always trying to-