Alberto Riehl: All right. This is Alberto Riehl, and I’m here with Yeugene, one of our Predictable Premium clients and, Yeugene, I just wanted to ask you what’s been your … what’s your favorite thing about Predictable Premium so far?
Yeugene: Well, I think that the program itself is very informative, and it’s very, like, it really teaches you how to go through step by step to understand what it takes to do sales because we’re all experiencing the same problem across the board in this industry, is landing clients. This problem teaches you very specifically what to do, what to say, how to target clients. I like that a lot. Oh.
Alberto Riehl: [inaudible] we turn this off. Apologize for that.
Yeugene: No problem.
Alberto Riehl: Well, great. Thank you. Now so far you’ve been on the program, what’s your biggest takeaway or the biggest thing that you’ve learned that you feel has given you the most value?
Yeugene: Well, I’m still fairly new. I’m waiting for the leads to start coming in. I talked to Peter and they should start coming in some time either end of this week or next week, so I’m waiting for that. But I’ve been studying the script, actually practicing that script. In my opinion, it’s very clever because it doesn’t … it’s very, I should say, it’s very not invasive.
When people hear life insurance, “Let’s talk about your … let’s analyze your finances. Let’s see where you’re keeping your money so maybe we can direct some of the funds that you have or some of the money into.” When you start talking like this, people put up barriers, but when you say, “Look, something happens to you, we just want to at least your most valuable assets, which most people consider their homes, could be protected. Let’s talk about that first.”
I think it becomes a lot easier for people to comprehend. Alberto, first time I saw the advertising piece that Peter sends out, I was personally impressed on how simple this is … how simple this is. This is a mortgage protection program, and it’s easy. Pay yourself first.
I’ve been in business for a long time and been times where I made a lot of money, been times where I had some difficult times, but … even though I understand the money, now I’m financial advisor, paying yourself first wasn’t my philosophy of saving the money. It was not. Now it is. It took me this program to finally realize that things like this, what makes you more discipline, more efficient because ultimately why do you do this? Why will it work? So we can have some to show for.
Alberto Riehl: Sure.
Yeugene: So this program on many levels pushing gear into, kind of putting you on the right path. so, I don’t know, I’m happy that I’m part of it.
Alberto Riehl: Awesome. Well, thank you very much for taking the time to sharing that with us. I appreciate you being part of the program and I look forward to keep working with you and keep seeing more of the results. So thank you.
Yeugene: Thank you.