Alberto Riehl: All right guys, I’m here, Alberto Riehl. I’m here with one of our clients and students and becoming a good friend, Adrian. And Adrian … This wasn’t rehearsed, right? But, Adrian, do you mid sharing with us maybe, you know, what your favorite thing about the program is, maybe any results that you’ve gotten so far and … Yeah, whatever you feel your comfortable with.
Adrian: Thanks Alberto, appreciate you having me here. I love the program. Obviously with all the stuff that’s out there on the internet and stuff that shows up in your newsfeed, I mean there’s a healthy amount of skepticism with anything. I just really appreciate that from the beginning everyone has been really up front and has been very direct.
The coaching calls and everything have really helped out, and just by following what you teach and getting the responses the way you teach them and following the appointments the way you teach to, I’m shocked at how fast I’m sitting down with people and I’m literally taking an app with personal information within 25 minutes of meeting these people a lot of times.
The biggest thing I’ve had to fight is my own subconscious thinking do I ask them if they want to do it now or … What we’re used to from doing appointments is you’re used to that resistance, and there’s very little resistance. It just naturally moves people through it and it almost feels like … I know I left you a message the other day, it almost feels like it shouldn’t work this easily, and that’s really just a testament to what most of us are used to doing in this business and what you teach us to do.
I just … I’m really grateful man. I think it’s fantastic. I don’t have my stats in front of me right now. I’ve had eight … I think I’ve booked 10 appointments. I’ve had two or three that canceled or rescheduled. I’ve got in front of eight people, so I’ve actually sat down where I got to talk.
One guy was really rude. The other seven I got apps from from my first appointment, and off the top of my head I think it’s about … You know, assuming everything goes through with medical stuff, which I think I may have a couple hiccups, but I’ve got about 40,000 in premiums so far. It’s pretty amazing.
Alberto Riehl: Wow. I didn’t know that. That’s awesome, 40,000 on seven appointments, and all done in less than an hour. That’s pretty cool man. Congrats.
Adrian: It’s been awesome. I had one appointment that did take about an hour and a half because the lady told me her life story for 47 minutes and I just … She had a clock behind her. I just kind of watched it thinking about when do I need to interrupt her so I can get to my next appointment.
I love it man. I genuinely like people. It’s fun to hear some of their stories and kind of see their excitement about the education that we give them. Yeah. I’m onboard, man. I love the program and I appreciate you and what you’re teaching.
Alberto Riehl: Awesome buddy. Thank you for that testimonial. You do all the work, right? What’s one thing about you is that you’ve been such a great student. You’re on the calls every week asking about direction. You’re out there doing it. You’re getting dirty, and you don’t waste anytime, you know. You did it, so it’s an amazing story, and glad to have you as part of our community, and congrats again, man. You did all the work, you know, so that’s awesome, awesome.
Adrian: Thanks Alberto. I really appreciate it.
Alberto Riehl: Cool buddy. All right man, so basically anything you want-