Hey guys, Alberto. I’m here with Humbert, one of our members. Actually, been with us for a
while now, huh?
A year.
Couple years? Yeah, you went to our last event. In the last couple days, we did something
crazy, something that has never been done before. There’s people out there taking eight weeks
to go automated, build funnels, set up automation, custom track … Everything. Some people are
doing it in 30 days. We decided to do it in two days, and then spend the third day out here on
this beautiful 80 foot yacht, and it was pretty cool to go late until last night, making sure
everybody was up and going, and then early this morning, already, people were getting leads
coming back. People were going to their pages, and people were even getting appointments
already scheduled 100% automated.
Humbert, what do you think about the whole thing that we did over the last two days?
I think it was awesome. We worked hard, so now we’re playing hard. It was worth every minute
of it. I was really intimidated at first, I’m not a real techy guy, so to do level two in a couple of
days was a pretty daunting task, but we were up to the challenge, and with Alberto’s wonderful
staff, we were able to do it. This morning, I woke up, already had four leads land on my page.
Awesome, man. Awesome.
Yeah, congrats on that. Self-generated, guys. Four leads in the first few hours. Imagine never
having to buy another lead again, never have to bug friends and family again, and if you’re
intimidated like most people, scared of technology, say, “I’m not a techie,” you just need the right
people. The right people, two days, and we’ll get everything done.
Thanks, man.
All right.
We’ll see you on the next call.
Thank you