Alberto Riehl: All right, so guys, this is Alberto Riehl, I’m here with Tommy, one of our clients. Been with us for a little bit now with Predictable Premium and actually has gotten some great results. He’s a great student and always follows direction, I think that’s why, he puts in the work. Tommy thanks for taking the time to do this, if you want to share maybe your favorite thing about Predictable Premium so far.
Tommy: The support probably is in my top two. Knowing that I can get on with any questions as much as I need to and get the answers and feedback into as nitty gritty a details as necessary but probably more important to me than that what I found is a huge benefit to the program is, the way my mind works, I like to know the ins and out, a little behind everything and having the system laid out where there’s not a question. It’s do this, do exactly this, rinse and repeat and keep improving and you will keep seeing improving results. That’s to me probably the biggest thing, having confidence in that and the support that goes along with it.
Alberto Riehl: Awesome, good deal. And what’s been your biggest take-away so far do you think?
Tommy: Has to be mindset. Mindset and the underlying tone that influences everything in your life behind that.
Alberto Riehl: Yeah, awesome man, good deal. Any results you’d like to share?
Tommy: I will tell you, I consider my, I’m only running a Saturday/Sunday condensed appointments predominantly. That’s been my main focus with the program. My first weekend of doing that, I almost consider a half weekend because I didn’t really have good lead flow going yet but in the past month, what I would call three weeks, I guess. Doing over $20,000 in premium with companies I had no real knowledge or experience with, so sort of did a crash course in their policies and having predictable, consistent, simple and easy results. I mean that’s really been huge.
Alberto Riehl: Awesome man, thanks for sharing, that’s awesome. So yeah, awesome. Thank you for your time again and I think that’s going probably inspire a lot of people that might be checking it out, checking out our program. We have thousands of people now checking us out every single day actually, so it’s pretty cool. Thanks for joining us. Thanks for everything you do too because one thing that you’ve done is in our community you support a lot of people, you answer a lot of questions. We really appreciate that. It’s guys like you that really make the culture in there really nice. You know we have a lot of people that when they get in there they’re amazed at the fact that like it doesn’t matter who you’re with, people help each other, support each other, and you’re one of those guys that has now been there for a little while and I remember you when you first got started and you did have questions about everything, little details. So now that you’re saying, “Yeah that’s fine,” how my brain works, yeah I remember those days.
So I’m glad that we were able to get all that answered for you and like you said, if you just follow the process it works every time. So thanks man, appreciate it.