Hey guys Alberto Riehl here and I’m here with Bill, one of our clients, one of our members withPredictable Premium. We spent the last two days together going live, getting 100% automatedfor all our agents that came here on this awesome trip that nobody ever done before. Somethingthat people are taking 30 days to do, is the fastest I’ve seen, we did it in two days. We definitelyran into some challenges, but at the end of the day we pushed through, I think we went to threein the morning, something like that. It was pretty cool. But Bill, what was your experience orwhat was your favorite thing about the last couple of days we spent together?
I think my favorite thing would just spend the new software that was introduced. Really easy touse, a lot better than unbalanced and few of the other things that we used in the past. Verygood.
Awesome man. Awesome. Appreciate it. And what do you think about the way that we designedit as far as putting it up on the screen, having staff members come around. When everybody gotstuck and asking questions, could just kind of hold your hand through the process. Was thathelpful?
Yes, it definitely was helpful. Everybody was a very helpful, Israel really knows what he’s doingand kudos to him especially.
Yeah. You consider yourself a techie guy.
Ah, not really.
Yeah. So you’re able to get it done, Huh?
Yeah. Yup. For sure. For sure.
Good deal, man. Anything else? Maybe your favorite thing? I don’t know? Yesterday going live,pushing through doing it all together
Yeah, that you know that was a very long day. Haven’t pulled a 16 hour day in quite a long time.
So that was probably the most challenging, but I’m glad it’s done and it works.
Yeah. Awesome man. Yeah, we took everybody live. Great success. Took a little perseverancethere at the end, but got it done, man. I appreciate it. Thanks for your time. We’ll see you on thenext call.
Yes, thank you.