Hey guys, Alberto. I’m here with one of our members Rafael in the Caribbean. We’ve spent thelast two days in the Presidential Suite at the Grand Hyatt. We did something we’ve never donebefore. We took a bunch of agents and advisors with absolutely no online presence, and wepromised them that in two days, we would take them 100% virtual and 100% automated. Therewas a lot of stuff that we could not think about as far as problems coming up that we just had todeal with right in the moment, but at the end of the day, we pushed through, made it happen.
Stayed up until what 3:00 in the morning last night?
3:00 in the morning.
Making it happen. And Rafael, what was your experience in the last two days?
My experience is it looks difficult to get it done, but when you have the right coaching and thepeople that know how to do it, they make it very easy. You still have to apply yourself. This is mysecond Predictable Premium, and I would advise everybody to come back to the third one, thefourth one, and the fifth one if it’s needed.
Awesome, man, awesome. Well, I appreciate your kind words.
Thank you for the support, and the help, and especially the inside knowledge, the edge. That’swhat I was looking for an edge.
Absolutely, man. Yeah, a lot of people are afraid of technology. They’re intimidated. But whenyou have somebody that’s doing it every day spending over 100,000 a month on Facebookadvertising walking you through, makes it a little bit easier, huh?
Absolutely. Yes, I was living proof of that. We find the big hiccups. I mean nobody knew how tofigure it out, but we came through.
Yeah, got it figured out. 3:00 in the morning launch got live.
Two hours later. Yeah.
Yep, and just this morning people, agents are already getting leads. People are already bookingappointments, so everything is going great. We’ll see you guys on the next call. Thanks, Rafael.
Thank you. Thank you all