Hey, guys. Alberto. I’m sitting here with Carl Elkins, one of the members of our group. Carljoined us just a couple of days ago. And the last two days we were able to take everybody 100%virtual and automated. Carl, what did you think of the last two days man?
Man, it was unbelievable experience. We just got out here to Mexico and really settled in. Honein on my business. And, I couldn’t believe we actually got it done. I know absolutely nothingabout running Facebook ads or, just getting my business online. But you guys did a great job.
Yeah. Absolutely guys. It’s kinda hard to do it out there on your own. We had ups and downs.
And we had walls that we hit last night. We have a full-time IT guy, we have myself, that havebeen doing it successfully for quite sometime. But, you never know what’s going to come up.
So, I’m sure you are out there, you’ve tried a few things, you’ve given up on yourself. Just twodays is all you need with the right support, the right people. We’ll make it happen. Right?
Yeah. Absolutely man. I’m telling you. I would not recommend anything else. If you are an agentout there, trying to get your business off the ground, running, and you want clients on demand.
Gotta hit up my man Alberto.
Awesome buddy. Appreciate you. And we’ll see you on the next call.
Yes sir.