Hey, guys. Alberto Riehl here and I’m here with Scott. Scott came to our two-day where we takeagents that have no internet presence, take them online, 100% automated. And we’re justgetting back. We all went on this awesome 80-foot yacht. You can hear people in thebackground here.
We’re about to head out, we’re a little tired from the rest of the day. This is all agents right here.
But anyway, one of the cool things about Scott, is Scott is the guy that came here, flew from thefurthest place. All the way from New Zealand. How long did it take you to get here?
Total traveling time was about 30 hours.
30 hours. Was it worth it?
Awesome, awesome. So tell us about what you experienced the last couple days with us.
Well, it’s just been run like clock work, I think, which is one of the things that impressed the mostout of me. Also, the staff and the whole team have just been unbelievably good. Really, reallyslick operation. I got to say, congratulations for that.
Thank you.
But in particular, the team. They all were really well skilled in everything that they were doing.
Really supportive and they seemed to have the patience of a saint.
Yeah. Are you saying you’re not a techy guy?
I’m pretty much not a techy guy in the slightest.
Awesome, man. So you think you could have done it without them kind of holding your handthrough the process?
Oh my God. No. I got to say, my assumption of taking the business online and building funnelswas so different.
This was such a complicated process and how anybody worked it out in the first place I have noidea.
But, man, the operation was slick. Really good.
Yeah. Awesome, bud. Well, I appreciate it. Glad you made it all the way from New Zealand.
Me too.
Got you going live, and getting results already. We just had another member that just bookedanother appointment, got a couple more leads. And so, Scott, thanks again, man. We’ll see youon the next call.
Sweet. You will