Hey, guys. Alberto. I’m here with Robert. Robert is one of our predictable premium clients. It’sthe last day, we’re at the eighty foot yacht that we got for everybody. Rob, just wanted to askman, what’s been your favorite thing in the last twenty-four to forty-eight hours?
All the knowledge, the knowledge that we’ve been learning is just priceless knowledge. It’s a lot,literally my brain felt like it was going to explode, it’s so much man. They helped, they’ve for us,they’ve been fantastic. Walking us through every step, guiding us through every step, I mean,just incredible.
Awesome, man. Did you do anything? Did you have your ads going, and tracking, and adsmanager?
Yeah, no. Speaking about it like that, no, I had no clue the amount work honestly that I wasinvolved in. And it is a lot of work but now that it’s all been automated. I mean, it’s just going tobe easy to tweak or touch up and all that other good stuff, so. But yeah, I mean it’s just been anamazing … amazing place, amazing location, amazing people. The company has beenawesome been fantastic so I mean, very blessed to be here. And thank you for the invitation.
Awesome, buddy. Well great to have you, and we’ll see you on the nextAll right, thank you