Alberto: All right. So guys, this is Alberto and I’m here with Clint, one of our Predictable Premium clients. Clint thanks for taking the time man to join me here. And I just wanted to ask you what’s been your favorite thing about Predictable Premium so far?
Clint: Yeah. So far I’ve gone over the book and read a lot of the good concepts and stuff and implemented some of the language in my financial planning practice that you’ve used in the script that I’ve been learning. Just trying to take that all in now but just learning a lot thus far.
Alberto: Boom. Good deal to know. And what’s been your biggest takeaway so far?
Clint: So far, I’m probably on week three right now of the Predictable Premium stuff but the biggest takeaway, they’re just utilizing the concepts that were built into that book. It’s huge and being able to not only apply them into my client’s lives but just being able to apply it my own life.
Just having that conversation my wife and just talking to her about maybe we’ll stop spending some money here and putting the money back into here. But it’s extremely helpful not only in my client’s lives but my personal life as well.
Alberto: Yeah. Awesome man. Well good to hear and it’s funny you say that because yeah, I’ve had a lot of agents and advisors mention that they’ve been able to share the concepts and get results not only with their clients but they’re applying it in their own lives and with their partners, husbands or wives and it’s making a difference in their lives as well. So that’s pretty cool that that’s happened in your life also.
Clint: Yeah.
Alberto: Cool man. Appreciate your time and look forward to speaking to you on our next phone call.
Clint: Yeah.