Tony: Thank you for taking the time. Tony, the first thing is, I just want to maybe ask you, what’s been you’re favorite thing about the program so far?
Tony: The favorite part, I mean obviously, is that it is all well thought, is been tested and proven, but I do feel the program itself is very solid. Plus, the weekly, two times of the webinar. So, yourself will be answering a lot of questions. This is how I feel, like with all concerns and all difficulties, like verbally, the way you communicate with each other is actually the most effective way, instead of sending messages or writing emails.
Yeah, I think so far that’s my biggest … I mean, I enjoy the program and being learning about, yeah.
Tony: Okay, good. What’s been your biggest takaway so far, from the program?
Tony: My biggest takaway is system. It’s just to have that key word in all my actions. That’s how you build it, so the spirit and the core of always building something, always testing why. I think this is the biggest takaway. I’ve learned that before, but it’s just like this is more … We put everything in action. And I’ve seen you done it, and I know should do the same. I think this is how I see it.
Tony: Okay. Cool. Sounds good, man. Well, thank you for taking the time to share that with us. So, Tony, I’m going to take a lot of notes here. Now, next 30 …