So guys, Alberto here. We’re sitting on the captain’s chairs right? Right on the very top of theboat here. You can see our view. Pretty nice. Look at that water. I’m here with Dan, one of ourclients with Predictable Premium. We’re on the third and last day of Predictable Premium Live.
We brought in a bunch of agents and advisors to get them automated, get them virtual. Dan wasone of them. So Dan, what did you experience here the last couple of days? What was yourfavorite thing?
Just the, not only the knowledge, but even stronger than was the execution and just your, prettymuch, bleeding out all of your knowledge on and without you, knowing what I do, I’m anengineer by trade, and automation, having all these, everything lined up, it was pretty muchwhat I expected and I loved it because that’s my background. I just love how your classes weregoing, where we can just literally get it done now. I think my biggest takeaway was your fortitudeto just keep going and we’re going to get it done and I would say we’re going to get it done.
Yeah. Yeah. This was never done before so we guesstimated, we practiced and I said here’s ouragenda guys. We’re going to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Last night we got done alittle bit past three in the morning.
And then this morning we’re meeting up again here to get on the yacht. Everybody pushedthrough. Everybody was excited about it. Every time that little red light turned green we allcelebrated together and we got everybody up and going so it was pretty cool.
Yeah. There’s no other feeling to find out someone who’s doing what you want to do. I meanlook at the lifestyle we have here. I mean when I saw Alberto I said that’s what I want to do. Sojust find somebody and copy that. That’s what Alberto has.
Awesome buddy. Great to have you on and we’ll see you on the next member call