Hey, guys. Alberto here, and I’m here with one of our members. This is Lloyd, predictablepremium, and we just finished two days of bringing everybody online. And man, I’m so proud ofLloyd here. Flew in, he is 74 years young. Most people might be intimidated by technology, butwith our staff members here, very knowledgeable, they were able to help Lloyd every step of theway.
And tell me, Lloyd, how that worked out for you.
Well, it was really hard for me. I’ve been on computers for a long time, but still there’s just somuch to learn. Especially, it just keeps advancing and advancing and advancing, and thenumber of websites that we have to navigate through was incredible. And the system that atAlberto’s doing right now, been getting us on Facebook and bringing it was a lot of steps to it.
And it was so helpful for the staff to help me do it.
Kevin, as you know, andVisarThey were with you, just helping you every step of the way, holding yourThey took turns to make sure that I got up to speed.
Make sure you kept up, huh?
Yeah, and got my ads postedAwesome.
And we did it perfect.
Yep, got everything approved, got results coming in. Awesome, buddy.
We even … we got our domain name and registered for our domainEverything from scratch, guysFrom total zero.
Yeah, we started from zero, and today he is live two days later. Getting results, getting leadscoming in. So, if you have any excuses, “I’m too young, too old, I’m not a techy guy,” man,here’s some more proof that anybody can do it when you have an expert just helping you,holding your hand through the process.
Thanks, Lloyd, and we’ll see you on the next call.
I’m going to be at the next Premium Live.