Alberto Riehl: So guys welcome. This is Alberto Riehl and I’m here with a couple of our clients. This is Darren and he’s here with Phil as well and Darren the first thing I wanted to do real quick is ask you in Predictable Premium what’s been your favorite thing about the program so far?
Darren: Well, we’re still new to it so we’re waiting our leads but so far it’s … My favorite thing is that it’s legit. I’ve never got something from Facebook and followed through with it. And it’s not just a get rich quick scheme. It’s legit program with processes in place and I’m a firm believer and I can’t wait to see what it does for us.
Alberto Riehl: Awesome. Good deal man. And what do you say so far is your biggest takeaway from the program?
Darren: My biggest takeaway is, I mean they follow the processes. It’s tried and true. No sense in reinventing the wheel. You’ve got these processes down. You’re sharing them with us and we’re going to see it through and follow it exactly as it’s supposed to be and get great results, I have no doubt.
Alberto Riehl: Awesome. Good deal.