Alberto Riehl: Hey Guys. Alberto Riehl and I’m here with one of our clients and students with our Predictable Premium program, Sean. Sean’s had a lot of success in the past before he came to us and Sean I guess the first thing is what’s been your favorite thing about Predictable Premium so far?
Shawn: So far the process that you’re taking us through is step by step, learning the key components of Predictable Premium each week. And I’m actually just finished week two, going into week three and I’m excited. Already I’ve got a team of folks that are also with me so I’ve kind of slowed down my process a little bit for them to catch up.
But everybody’s very excited to have this opportunity to get in front of 10, 15, 20 people a week. I’ve been in the business as you mentioned about 30 years and I’ve used a number of different marketing programs and am currently using some marketing programs that are successful but this is another program that I was introduced to and it appears that it is going to be very successful for myself and my team.
Alberto Riehl: Good deal. Awesome. I know you’re pretty early in the program, just a couple of weeks. Any take-aways so far? What’s been your biggest take-away so far?
Shawn: I think I guess the take-away, it’s like anything. You have to, with success there’s always a system and a process. Generally if you follow the system, you get the results. If you don’t follow the system, you won’t get the results.
Alberto Riehl: Sure.
Shawn: So it’s very clear in how it’s spelled out in the process and I’m working on that and it does get into a lot of deep aspects of what I want out of life, which is great. It’s very thought-provoking. I’ve been setting goals and establishing goals my whole career but honestly getting into your 20 professional launch, your 20 personal launch and then just laying it all out and having … I’ve used goal cards and things again in my whole career but there’s … Really it’s a very thought-provoking process really and creates the subliminal messaging and things that go along with this are pretty impactful.
Alberto Riehl: Okay. Great. Thanks. Sean thank you for taking the time to share your experience so far with us. And so-