Alberto Riehl: All right. Guys, this is Alberto Riehl. I’m here with Rafael. Rafael is one of our Predictable Premium clients. Buddy, thanks for taking a few minutes to talk to us here. I was wondering, what’s been your favorite thing about Predictable Premium so far?
Rafael: The Predictable Premium. The most favorite part has been the opportunity to get connected with like-minded individuals. People that are doing better than me, people that are not doing that great, but I’m seeing through the years … It’s been a year that I’ve been part of it. I see a lot of people getting ahead and I see a lot of people getting great results.
Alberto Riehl: Awesome, man. Awesome. Good to hear. Yeah, our community is one thing we don’t really talk about on the front end when we’re talking to a new client or a new prospective client, but it ends up being one of our members’ favorite things. We have people from all over the world now, and then all different companies. Everybody helps each other out and supports each other. That’s pretty cool. I’m glad you saw that and you like that. Rafael, what’s been your biggest takeaway so far?
Rafael: My biggest takeaway is the opportunity to learn all different kinds of angles that I can target my practice. I see people that focus more on final expense. I see people that focus more on high premiums. I see people that focus just on regular. I’ve been an opportunity to expand my horizon. I see that it is more opportunities to make better than I initially thought when I first walked in on this business about a year and a half ago.
Alberto Riehl: Yeah. Awesome, man. Well, cool. Well, thank you for taking a few minutes with us. Then we’ll see you on the next call, bud.
Rafael: Thank you.