Hey guys, Alberto Riehl here and I’m here with Josh. Josh has been hanging out with us for thelast couple of days here. Just getting back from our yacht. We’ve been out there all day long.
We took a bunch of agents and advisors that we’re not doing any business online and in twodays, we went from scratch. I mean some people had to get emails for the first time, buydomains, I mean everything and just a few hours after going live, we’re already collecting leads,getting appointments. We just had another report. Another gentleman just pulled Luke just gotanother fully automated appointment. But Josh, what’s your favorite thing man about the lastcouple of days?
For me it was the seeing everyone from all around the world, all around the country cometogether and being part of Alberto’s team. He’s very generous, they’re very kind, very patient. Soyeah, I suggest you guys try it out. Predictable premium baby.
Yeah, people keep saying about the team being patient, kind of holding your hand through thewhole process. Huh? Step by step. You think you could’ve done it without them?
No way? No way.
Yeah. Awesome man. Awesome. Awesome. You think, are you a techy?
Not really. No. I know enough just to get by, but I wouldn’t consider myself asA little intimidated, like most agents probably.
Well, I appreciate the kind words. Thank you for your time. I’m glad you came and we’ll see onthe call side.
All right.