Hey guys, it’s Alberto Riehl here, and I’m with Michael, one of our members. Michael was withus the last two days as we took a bunch of agents and insurance advisors with no internetpresence, we took them through our process and in two days they became 100% automated,went 100% virtual. We started getting results right away this morning with leads beinggenerated, appointments being booked, and Michael, what’s your experience over the lastcouple of days?
Well, the experience is a couple of things. One, it’s something that I had no interest inwhatsoever, but you’re scared of it because it’s way more complicated than it actually looks, andwhen people take the time to invest in you and walk you through it, that’s the most valuablething. Good people, just the time that I got to spend together, which was a lot of time in a smallroom, that space together, but it was tons of fun. Worked every minute of it, and actually todaywas a great day to hang out here in a beautiful place and spend the day doing some fun stuff,but really the value came from the passion that Alberto puts out, and he pours into his people.
He believes in everything he says, he tries, and tries, and tries to perfect it before he rolls it out,so what we get is an end product that’s already been tried, true, and tested, and I’m reallylooking forward to when my plane lands back home to be set up.
Yeah, awesome, man. It’s nice when you have some staff members who are experts holdingyour hand through the process, right? Asking questions. For a lot of people they take it on theirown, try to do it on their own. “I’m going to save some money, I can maybe Google this stuffonline.” And they go for a little bit and then end up giving up and not doing anything. So, if youhave ever thought about something like this, all you need is two days with the right people,right?
Gets you up and going. Thanks man, we’ll see you on the next call.
Thank you