Change or Die

Hey guys. Alberto Riehl. Riehl’s rants. Saturday here with my family. I want to introduce you to Skyler, my daughter. Six years old. Where is she? There she is. Right here, say hi. Sarah is the baby. She’s our little newest one. Rylee, four months old. And we’re just having a Saturday afternoon. Come on, sky. Where you at? Let’s go find Ryder. Come here. Where’s Ryder go? We’re at our favorite place in Tulum. You can see the restaurant, we’re at the edge. Here’s our actual view. You can’t tell, that’s ocean over there. Let’s get Ryder. Where’s Ryder? There’s Ryder. Ryder? What’s up bud? Five years old. Ryder, he’s going to be a surfer when he grows up.


We’re just hanging out here on a Saturday guys, and I just thought I might do a little video shoot. We’re in Tulum, which is pretty cool. Here comes Skyler. You know, these are the reasons why I get up in the morning. Push the envelope, right? Come here, let’s go do a little tour of our place where we’re at. Okay?

So we got Skyler with me, she’s going to help me show you guys around.

Skyler: Who are you telling that to?

Alberto Riehl: I’m talking to all my friends, and your friends. And so, one of the cool things about here is that everybody here is pretty health conscious. There’s a lot of, you know, organic food, raw food. We’re going to be going by a restaurant right now. There’s Skyler. Make sure I catch her. And this is all raw, vegan food here. And I’m sharing this with you as I just started talking, I wanted to introduce you to my family. But, you know, I used to be 40 pounds heavier than I am now. 40 pounds. Had high blood pressure, high cholesterol. Doctor wanted to put me on pills for the rest of my life. He said, now this was at 27 year old, he said that if I didn’t make a big change I would not get to see my kids. He actually sat me down and told me that. He had me in his office, and he told me to relax. I said I can’t relax, I’ve got stuff to do, right?


I was a dinosaur. I was running around grinding it out, like maybe a lot of you are doing now and, that hit me though. He said you’ll never get to see your kids. I’m 27 years old. I’m 43 now. I’ll be 44 in just a couple months and I couldn’t imagine not having these little things, right? Maybe you’re a family guy as well. And so, today we just have a whole different life style. Our habits are completely different I had to change that while I was still out there grinding it out. If you know a little bit about my story I was doing about 100,000, a little bit over 100,000 in just two day. But I would work my ass off those two days. Do about ten appointments, nine appointments a day. I’d start at 9, 10, 11, 12, 1, 2, 3, 4. I had my appointment setter set me those. And a lot of times she set me an 8 o’clock, and a 5 and a 6. And you cannot be running around on McDonald’s and be able to focus on those appointments and sustain that. That’s what I used to try to do.


You know, I was so busy that it would be two in the afternoon and all of a sudden I was like oh my gosh, I better eat. And I would just shove some McDonald’s down my throat and that’s why I was 40 pounds heavier. And just needed caffeine just to make it through the day. But, you know, living with the long term in mind. It’s one of the things that I do now, right? With the kids. And I definitely want to be here for the grand kids. And so, today life is quite different. We really watch what we put in our bodies, the way that we take care of ourselves and nutrition is very important. It’s a total game changer. You can really focus on what you have to do. Your memory, your performance, effectiveness, everything goes up. So, I don’t know how I got on that subject but this is Albert Riehl, Riehl’s Rants. We just came here for the day. Hanging out with the family. Got the grand parent here also. Where’s … oh there’s one. There’s Daddy. Tulum, beautiful beach. Hopefully you’re doing the same thing with your family. And we’ll see you next time. Riehl’s rants.

Evolution of a Bad Ass


Hey guys, Alberto Riehl l here and in this video, I’m going to be talking about the evolution of a bad ass. Now, this is one of the most important lessons that I ever learned in my life. Until I learned this lesson, I kept starting stuff and stopping and starting and stopping, I’m not sure if that sounds familiar, right? Things would feel a little uncomfortable, I thought, okay, somebody’s giving a signal that I should not be doing this. And it wasn’t until I understood this that things started happening for me. Now, what’s cool is I’m actually documenting this, you’re probably thinking right now, man, Alberto, why should I listen to you, you really suck at this. And you’re absolutely right.


: The first step of the evolution of a bad ass is really sucking. Anytime you do something, guys for the very first time, we’re going to suck at it, right? This is my first video that I’ve ever shot so, guess what? I’m really sucky at it and I gotta confess, this is actually my second video that I’ve shot. The first one was so bad, you couldn’t even hear me. Now I have this little microphone right here so hopefully you can hear me a little bit better. You couldn’t even hear in the first one, that’s how much it really sucked. I had to throw it out. Now, with this video, I’m still kind of far away, right, there’s a little bit of shade, the lighting isn’t completely right, it really sucks but, the information’s really good. So I’m going to be documenting my own journey through the evolution of a bad ass. Alberto Riehl


I started shooting these videos, which makes me uncomfortable, which are some of the characteristics of anytime you start something for the first time. Now we keep pushing, we keep practicing, the good news is, we’ll get to the next stage kind of sucks. We’ll get to the next stage in the evolution of a bad ass and that’s kind of sucking. Hopefully, after a little while of filming these things you’re going to be like, Alberto, you’ve gotten better, but you still kind of suck my friend. And we can apply this to anything. I’m watching Federer play now and he’s the best in the world, best to ever have played the game. But the first time Federer was handed a tennis racquet when he was a kid, he really sucked at it. He had to go through this process so, it’s really important that we understand this.


Now, at this stage, kind of sucking, we still feel very uncomfortable, we’re out of our comfort zone, we are nervous. And can you tell, I’m nervous right now, I’m kind of stiff. You’re like, yeah, you’re still really sucking but, hey, we’re talking about kind of sucks, this is applied to anything that we do. Maybe you’re new in our industry, selling life insurance. Or maybe you’re doing a presentation for the first time, a new presentation. Well, you’re going through these stages, which are the evolution of a bad ass. Now, the good news is, as you keep doing more and more, keep practicing your craft, keep doing more presentations, keep role playing, keep simulating, you’re going to get to the next stage very quickly.


Which is being alright. After I do a few more of these, hopefully, you’ll be like, hey, you’ve improved, you’re kind of alright. And as we do more of our insurance presentations or any type of sales or, anything we do for that matter, we’re going to start all of the sudden becoming alright. Now, we’re still going to feel uncomfortable, we’re still going to feel maybe a little stiff, a little nervous and we probably won’t see any results yet. And here’s where people get in trouble. Is that, because they see no results, maybe you’re a sales guy and you don’t get a sale yet. And you’ve been working at it for weeks, maybe months. But still, no sales, you’re not making any money. This is where most people quit in their evolution to being a bad ass. They never really gave themselves a fair chance. They quit right here at just being alright.


Now, if we just keep pushing a little bit more guys, keep pushing, we’re going to get to the fourth stage of the evolution of a bad ass. And that’s being pretty good. As we keep doing this and we keep practicing, and pushing, we’re actually going to get pretty good. Hopefully down the road, you watch one of my videos and you go, hey, look at Alberto, he’s improved. He’s done a lot, he’s pretty good, right? Pretty good that’s not really where we want to stay but, at least, this is where all the nerves are gone. We’ve done it enough that now we feel comfortable. We’re no longer so stiff, we’re no longer so nervous for most of us. Now, that all sounds like good news but, the reality is pretty good stage is the most dangerous stage out of the evolution of a bad ass. Alberto Rielh: This is where most people go and die. Just being pretty good because what happens is, that discomfort leaves us, we’re no longer nervous, now we get comfortable and so another word for being pretty good at something, you’re kind of mediocre. You’re mediocre, you’re average. The average person, guys, dies being pretty good. They die being mediocre. The average life insurance agent is mediocre and average. If you’re watching this, most likely looking at the statistics, you’re one of these guys. 80 percent of life insurance agents and people for that matter are average. 80 percent are pretty good at what they do. Now, this is so dangerous because I don’t want you stop evolving there and dying there like most people do. I want you to be able to identify it. So here’s how we identify it.

Alberto Riehl


First way to do it is, you’re living paycheck to paycheck. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, that means you’re average, that means you’re mediocre, that means you’re pretty good at whatever it is that you do. But, again, we’re talking about insurance here. If you are probably not taking your family on as many vacations as you would like, you’re average, you’re pretty good. Now, if you do take them on vacation, most likely you’re driving. You’re not flying anywhere, Hawaii is not in the cards, you will not be taking your family to Hawaii any time soon. When you do check in, you’re not checking into a hotel, most likely you’re checking into a motel, right? That means that you’re pretty good at what you do. And when you’re checking out, you’re putting it on a credit card, which means, unfortunately, you have a lot of debt. You have credit card debt, you have student debt, you have this huge weight on your shoulders. Maybe you’re even medicating to handle that. I know the truth hurts sometimes but I’m going to be very real with you. The average person, this is where they get stuck. Alberto Riehl


The other way that the average compensate is they start adding letters by their name. You see, they don’t have any results to show for anything, right, they’re living paycheck to paycheck, they have bunch of debt, they’re average and they know this. So they start adding letters to their name. Now, we do have some bad asses that have some letters by their name, you know the letters. But they’re becoming fewer and fewer and fewer because they’re less important in today’s business world. These letters in our business are CFP, CLU, CHFC, maybe even an MBA. Again, not all but in a lot of cases, that’s what the average do. When you know they’re average is when people brag about it. They can’t brag about their results because they don’t have any. But they’ll brag about, I got a CLU, I got an MBA. They have no results to tell you about.


Now, the last way you can diagnose if you, maybe you or one of your friends is average, pretty good at what they do, is that … This is a good one. This might piss you off. You talk about how long you’ve been doing something. Oh I got 20 years experience in the insurance business. I got 10 years experience. Definitely you’re mediocre. Now, the latest studies show there’s absolutely no correlation between how long you’ve been doing something and how good you are at it. So who cares? Also, there’s no correlation between how much experience you have and your actual results, so who fucking cares? Now, the one though that we do know is that again, these guys have no results, that’s why they’re not saying, hey, I helped a thousand agents last year. Or, hey, I protected a thousand families last year. Or, hey, guess what? Our business went up 300 percent last year. They can’t say that, they had no results to brag about so, instead, they brag about I’ve been doing this for 10 years, I got 10 years experience or 20 years experience.


And guys, here’s what’s really going to piss you off if you’re one of these guys. These guys are lying and don’t even know it. When somebody says I have 20 years experience in the insurance business, they don’t have 20 years experience, they have one year experience repeated 20 times. Did you hear that? Get a little closer. If you say you have 20 years experience in the insurance business, you don’t have 20 years experience. You have one year experience repeated 20 times. I sense some confused faces. Here’s how it works. So, in the first year in business, very first year, some of you watching, your excited, you’re learning, you’re shadowing your manager, you’re learning new things, you’re studying your products, you’re learning, studies show, that you go from really sucky to being pretty good in the first year. Now what happens? You get comfortable. Once you’re average, mediocre, maybe a little bit of bills are getting paid.


You get stuck in that first year and then you just do it over and over again. You got one year experience repeated 20 times ’cause you stopped growing a long time ago. We talk to guys like this all the time. I talked to a guy yesterday, who has been, for the last 17 years, earning the same. Little clue, guys, if you’re earning the same for the last 17 years, you don’t have 17 years experience. You have one year experience, repeated 17 times. Okay? So, that’s the pretty good.


Now for the very few that say, you know what, I don’t want to be average, I want more out of life. You push more, you keep pushing, you keep learning, and then you get to be damn good. Running out of space here, gotta remember I’m still in the really sucking stage when it comes to presenting this. So damn good, and you know those people. 80 percent of the people out there are pretty good, they’re average. Maybe you. Only 20 percent are damn good. Now for that extra effort, they’re taking care of 80 percent of your clients. They’re also servicing 80 percent of what’s out there in the market. They’re adding 80 percent of the value and guess what? They’re also making 80 percent of the money. This is the top 20 percent. These guys are making anywhere between 110 thousand usually, up to about 350 thousand. This is the number one group that comes into our program.


Alberto Riehl: These damn good guys, everybody who’s coming to our group today to get better, they’re already damn good, they’re true professionals. If you’re in the top 20 percent, congratulations, that means you’re making six figures, probably multiple six figures, tapping out about 300, 400 thousand a year. Now, for those very few guys that keep pushing, they want more. They have this hunger that never goes away, they have this fire in their belly. They’re not satisfied, now they’re happy, they’re fulfilled but they’re not satisfied. They know that there’s more value to add to society. There’s more to give back. Those very few are the bad asses.


Alberto Riehl: That’s the sixth stage, call that the bad ass or also a master is when you master something. You’re a bad ass, you see them, they walk into a room, you know they are a bad ass. Less than 3 percent of the population is a bad ass or a master at their craft. Now, these guys are up early when everybody else is still sleeping. They’re working on themselves. They’re committed to their business more than anybody else. They’re combining technology, strategies, with psychology, mindset of a champion, putting it all together. They’re spending more money, here’s the catch to this, these bad asses, invest more to themselves every year in the form of mastermind groups, mentorship, coaches. You know the best people in the world, the best athletes in the world, the best performers in the world, they all have coaches and guess what? Coaches are very expensive. These guys here, the bad asses, invest more it their personal growth every year then what the pretty good earn. Let me say that one more time. The bad asses invest more in themselves every year than what the pretty good earn.


Alberto Riehl: It’s tough to be a bad ass, it takes more time, more commitment to get from here to here than it does from here to here. It takes more money, more investment, more sacrifice to get from here to here, from being damn good to being a bad ass, then it does to get from really sucky all the way to being damn good. So, less than three percent, these people are really committed. Now, they also get rewarded. 97 percent of the value given back to society, comes from the bad assess. And guess what? We live in a very [fairy 00:14:06] universe. That means that 97 percent of the income, 97 percent of the money is earned by the bad asses. So, this is why people join our group. They’re damn good at what they do but they want to be a bad ass, the bad asses are earning minimum 400 thousand a year, we have guys earning multi million dollars a year, one guy earning three million dollars a month. And now, you’ll probably say, what’s the difference, if you’re a bad ass why is this guy making half a million a year and this other guy is making half a million a month.


Well, guess what? There’s different degrees of bad asses. Another way to say bad ass is master, also like a black belt. There’s different degrees of black belt. Second degree, third degree, you just keep getting better. You see this journey never ends. You can always go to another level. You can always keep improving and the bad asses, they thrive on that. They’re always looking for improvement, they’re always looking for the best level. And there’s a lot of pressure here guys, another thing that we didn’t talk about is, when you’re a bad ass, when you’re at the very top, you get a target on your back. Everybody wants to bring you down. Watching the tournament, again, Federer, he’s number one, everybody, all they’re talking about is who’s going to beat Federer? Who can beat Federer? Who has a chance at beating Federer? They all want to bring Federer down, he’s a the top. You get a target on your back when you become a bad ass.


Alberto Riehl: That’s the other thing we don’t talk about, it’s usually the pretty good, the average. Average people, the mediocre, do not like the bad asses. Now, the bad asses don’t even know the mediocre exist. We don’t have time to be focused on that but, these guys, the pretty good, they definitely know the bad asses exist. They know exactly who they are. They see them on the scoreboards and they’re envious and jealous. Unfortunately one thing we didn’t talk about also, these guys with all their free time, the pretty good, they go online on forums and stuff and talk negative shit about the bad asses that are actually out there doing things of consequence.


Alberto Riehl: There’s an old saying that says that criticism is part of the price you pay for leaving past mediocrity. The bad asses don’t even know who the average are. We don’t care. We just care about adding more value to the people around us, to our clients and we care about improving. So I hope that this helps guys, ’cause I used to always quit right here where most people quit in the first couple stages. I’d start feeling uncomfortable, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, I thought, this isn’t for me. I just talked to somebody yesterday that said, “Oh, this isn’t for me.” But in reality, we just keep pushing then we give ourselves the chance to ultimately become a bad ass. The good news is, that right now, at this exact moment, you are closer to all your dreams and all your goals than you ever have been. So, before you quit, remember why you started. And on the next video, what I’m going to cover is, compression of time. With this concept, we’re going to compress time so we can help you get from really sucking to being a bad ass in record time. This is Alberto, Riehl’s Rants and we’ll see you on the next video.

Stop Spraying and Praying

Hey, guys, Alberto Riehl here. Losing my balance. Saturday, February, what’s today, February 17th. Hanging out with the family today. We took a little spontaneous trip, literally two hours ago we were in our living room wondering what we should do on a Saturday.


So we decided to get this boat for a few hours. And look at this water, huh? Pretty nice. As we’re trolling out here there’s a snorkeling spot that we came to I noticed, you know, you can see the four column fishing poles, right? And I think we had a total of six out and I thought how, you know, obviously, when we’re fishing it gives you better odds, right? Of catching something. I thought man, you know what’s funny is that when you’re fishing, and it definitely works, having more lines out there, right? There’s a bigger chance of catching that big fish.


But one of the things I started thinking about was that most life insurance agents, that’s the way they treat their business, right? We talk to agents all the time that when we ask them, how are you getting your appointments now? How are you getting your business now? They’re talking about, “Oh, I do networking events and I do seminars and my circle of influence and I get referrals.” And they talk about all these things and then we get to the results, which is really all we should care about, right? How many people are you helping today? How many clients are you serving? And man, they’re struggling. Their income is struggling.


So they get to be okay at just a few things, right? At just a few things and they’re barely surviving. That’s where most people are. Now, one of the things that we do very differently is we fish like if we had a speargun, like one speargun, right? While everybody else is storing a bunch of feelers out there hoping and preying, hoping, right? That they get something, we have a speargun, we’re a hundred percent focused. We’re focused 100% on exactly the ideal client that we want.


We don’t just throw something out there and talk to anybody that’s willing to talk to us the way most people do, right? They hope and pray for a healthy person that maybe has a little bit of money, that wants what they have to offer. No, we do things completely differently. We’re out there with a speargun targeting. Targeting is so important. So we only aim and we only target specifically on the things that we … excuse me, we only aim and target specifically on the ideal client that we want. And we’re able to do that with today’s technology.


Which, of course, is very easy. They’re interests, where they’re hanging out, where they’re spending their time. We can know if they’ve been spending money on similar type products. We know how much income they have, we know how many assets they have. We know what percentage they are saving every year. Do you think this stuff might be helpful? Do they have a 401K, do they have a IRA, do they have a financial advisor, do they have a insurance person that they’re working with? These are all behaviors that our ideal clients have that with today’s technology we can actually hone in on.


: So while everybody else is hoping and praying we can get super specific on the client that we want to attract coming to us. We don’t chase anybody, they come to us. And we can tell when they’re actually ready to buy. So when everybody else is out there, just kind of spraying and praying, we know it’s all about timing. And we know what these prospects have been doing and we know when they’re ready to buy. And they have the resources and, of course, they’re healthy to do that.


As I was watching  you know, we pulled out this boat here just for my family. My family’s downstairs now, we have a couple people on staff. Right now they’re trying to anchor, we just got it here, we’re going to do a little snorkeling. We didn’t catch any fish, unfortunately, so our bunch of hooks that we had out, you know, didn’t work. But as we started looking, look at what everybody else is doing. If you have a bunch of hooks out there, just hoping and praying, then you’re with the masses, right? That’s how most people do things, they’re crowded and most things are crowded at the bottom. And so there’s a lot of wasted effort happening, a lot of energy and time that should not be, you know, really wasting on spinning wheels. And that’s what most people do, they’re kind of just swimming on top of each other, a bunch of people.


: Or, you can get very focused on what you do, very focused. And then be able to just spend it, spend more time with your loved ones. Where are they? There’s Sarah, who’s that, got my father-in-law here, let me see, let’s go down here. dangerous here.


: Here we go.  spell it, pelicans. There’s Sarah, we got the baby here. Where are the kids? So anyway, just one of the things that I was thinking about today as we came out here. Hopefully, it inspires you to really start focusing, get very clear on what your ideal client looks like. Most people don’t even know that. Where does he hang out? Where does she hang out? What’s the age? Where are they putting their attention? What do they do with their free time? You know, what are the emotional drivers that they have for taking action? And once you have those things, then you can become very effective with your marketing.


So guys, I’m going to jump in. You guys, hope you have a wonderful Saturday with your family. Talk to you soon.

Soul Crushing Coat Hangers

: Hey guys, good morning. Alberto Riehl, Riehl’s Rants. I’m leaving the gym this morning. I’m in Laguna Niguel. This is Life Time Athletic. Oh, there’s the sun. This is … Wow. It’s about 7:15 AM. I’m in my old stomping ground. I hadn’t been here in a long time. This is where I used to spend almost every morning working out, right before I left to go on the daily grind. As I was just getting into the men’s locker room, I look to the right, there’s whole area where guys … Man, the sun’s really peaked out today. Where everybody hangs up their clothes. Their suits, there’s slacks, there’s starched shirts, and a lot of them are in the dry cleaning … They have the dry cleaning bag.


I remember when I was very proud to put my stuff up there next to all that stuff. My dry cleaning up there and get ready for the day. As I look a little bit closer, everybody was racing. Everybody’s racing in and out, they have somewhere to go. I’m in the jacuzzi relaxing. There’s nobody in the jacuzzi. Relaxing, I was there for a few minutes feeling really good after a good work out. Then, went into the steam room for a while. Went into the steam, one person in the steam room. There was one person in the steam room. Again, come out. Everybody’s just kinda racing out to go who knows what, right? Everybody’s in a hurry to hit on that day.


Again, I remember when I used to do that every single day. Get all dressed up with my fancy shoes, and socks, and matching slacks, and shirt, make sure everything was pressed, and raced out to the car to … I don’t know, be in traffic for about an hour. Gosh, looking back today, I’m so glad. Right now I’m on my way home wearing comfortable clothing. I got my flip flops on, if you can see. I just can’t wait to go take care of business from the comfort of my home.


Now, don’t get me wrong. I mean, from the outside, it looked like I was having great success and I kinda was. I was doing okay, a couple hundred thousand a year. I’m imagining that’s what a lot of these guys do. It’s a pretty high-end area, Laguna Niguel. This place here is about $160 for a person to come work out per month. Where you can go to … I don’t know, 24 Hour Fitness for like 20 bucks a month or something like that. In the parking lot, you see all Maseratis, and Porsches, and Bentleys, and the high-end Teslas, and all that kind of stuff. Alberto Riehl: But I wonder how happy people truly are. Now, if that’s your passion, if that’s your dream, man, go get it. Get dressed up and go get in that Southern California traffic and go get yours. But for me, something was missing. From the outside, everything looked good. But on the inside, my soul was being crushed. There was something missing inside. Little by little, I’d have Sara complain about, “Hey, I feel like a single mom. You’re not here very much. I’m here raising the kids by myself.” I thought that … really, she was just not appreciating everything I provided for her.


It wasn’t until my daughter Skyler, let me know that, “Dad?” as I’m putting her to sleep, she’s like, “Daddy, are you leaving again tomorrow? Why are you always working?” She said, “Why are you always working?” She’s like two, three years old. She could barely talk. That really woke me up. That really crushed me.


Today, everything I do is from the comfort of my own home. I get to take my kids to school in the morning. I pick them up afterwards, take them to soccer practice. If you’re one of those guys where maybe from the outside you look successful, right? Maybe you got the trophies, and the awards, and the trips, and the accolades, and all that. You get the atta boys anytime you show up to your office and your name is on that scoreboard, it’s on the very top. But on the inside, you know that there’s something missing. You know there could be something better. You know that maybe you’re missing one of too many Timmy’s soccer games, or tennis practice, or maybe it’s that recital.


I just want you to know that there is a better way. Today, I don’t have to be out on the road anymore. I get to work from the comfort of my home. This year, that’s our main focus with our group. Now, that we’re getting the results. Now, that we’re making the $20,000 $30,000 a month, consistently. How do we transfer that over to a business where we have complete time freedom? How do we take it to next level, not only income wise but where we are in 100% control of our time, we own our calendar 100%, and we get to spend time with our family, our loved ones, and really own our time. Have that time freedom that very few people have. That’s what we’re focused on today.


Alberto Riehl again, guys. Riehl’s Rants and stay tuned on these videos. We’re going to be talking about how to run your business virtually using today’s technology, using artificial intelligence, and online marketing, and machine learning, and actually robots, so they can do most of the heavy lifting while we get to hang out with our loved ones, and travel, and have a good time. Now, don’t get me wrong, yes, there is work to be done. That absolutely … work has to be done. But there’s just a much smarter way to do it. I think that you know that. So, stay tuned and we’ll see you in the next video.

Disagree & Commit

Hey guys, Alberto Riehl  sitting here with Sarah. Hi, Sarah. You’re not gonna talk? No? We’re on a little swing. We’re at a little swing table. We’re in Tulum, one of our favorite places. It’s called … What’s this place called?

Sarah : Nomads.


Nomads. We almost went to a different place called Be Tulum, but we’re at a place called Nomad. It’s Thursday afternoon, we’re at a cool table. You can’t really see how cool it is. It’s on a swing. You can tell we’re swinging a little bit. The table’s better over here. And let’s see if we can get a little bit better here. No, can’t really see it. We’re right on the beach here. See, there’s our view. Show you guys a little bit about this place.


All right. So it’s Thursday. We’re jut kind of hanging out,  day date as we call it, right? Spend a day together. I think that’s something that most business people don’t really talk about, you know? They work their asses off, they become workaholics and all of a sudden, 20 years later, find out their spouse feels she hasn’t been appreciated or maybe he hasn’t been appreciated and everything that was built has to be split up and maybe some nasty court stuff going on. So what’s the point of working your ass off your entire life for that? The Dalai Lama talks about … he has a saying, he says, “I don’t understand Western culture. You work your ass off and neglect your health all your life so you can make all this money, and then you spend the second half of your life spending all your money to get your health back.”


And I was just thinking as we’re hanging out here about how important it is for our wives or our husbands to be happy with us. If we’re in sales, gosh 90% of sales is mindset, and if we’re not in the right mindset, we can’t perform, we can’t perform at our best.


Have you ever not had the wife happy. What do they say? Happy wife, happy life … and try to have a productive day? Right? It’s a long day, everything is hard, everything takes extra energy, and the results are always a lot less. Or, we can put a little bit more time and effort into our relationship, make sure that everything is good at home, and then it just makes everything else so much easier.


And so, I think that’s something that … Man, I don’t know that anybody has ever talked about when it comes to business training or sales training. But it’s a whole lot easier and simpler to kick some ass out in the field and be in a good mood and be sharp and be friendly with people when things are solid at home. So I think a lot of times, people just don’t take the time to do that. Alberto Riehl: Now, one of the things that we were talking about right now is we’re having a great day today, of course, but it’s not always like that. See what this looks like. Look at this place. Nice little … This is really cool. Check out this space right here. Drink some coffee, have some tea, kind of hang out. It’s a little dark.


But we’re reminded of a phrase that we learned. It’s called, “Disagree and commit.” And you know what? I’m not smart enough to come up with it on my own. I actually am stealing it from Jeff Bezos … and you know Jeff Bezos, right? He’s now the wealthiest man in the world. First guy ever to be worth over $100 billion, owner of Amazon. And he talks about something that he does. He calls it “Disagree and commit,” and one of the examples he gives in his book is with his movie studio, right? Amazon now is making these amazing productions, amazing movies, and he trusts; he’s hired some of the best people to do it. And many times, they’ll bring a project to him that they’re excited about, and Jeff Bezos just doesn’t think it’s a good project. He just doesn’t think it’s a good project, but what he does, he disagrees and commits. So, he disagrees that it’s a good project, he doesn’t like it, but he lets his team do what it is that they want to do what they think is best, and not only that, he commits. He disagrees with it, but he commits to it 100%.


So he puts all his money into it, he puts all his energy into it, the time that his needed, his support, everything. So he calls it “Disagree and commit.” And I think that’s something that’s a great philosophy or a great strategy we can use at home, right? Use with our spouse. We actually just did that a second ago as we were talking and sometimes it’s just very stupid things that we can get in little arguments about and can kind of ruin the day or ruin part of the day. And Sarah was actually the first one. She said, “Alberto, you know what? I disagree, but I commit.” And that really made me feel good. She disagrees with me, but at the same time, she’s committing to what I was talking about and supporting what it is that I want to do.


So, anyways, I think that’s something that’s an amazing tool. Now, we’re here in Tulum, which one thing I want to point out, this has been named one of the top beaches in the world. It’s gotten number one beach in the world before. But if you look at it today … Look at it … looks kind of nasty. There’s seaweed everywhere. There’s been storms, there’s been wind, there’s been big waves. Everything looks like seaweed-y out there. Is that a word? Seaweed-y. And that’s one of the things that Sarah and I was talking about is how we all go through our seaweed. Right? I mean, today, again … Today’s an amazing day. We’re getting along great. Everything is wonderful. We’re spending all day by ourselves here. Kids are taken care of. You know what? It’s not always like this.


And we’re talking about the beach and we’re kind of relating to it where … You know, usually we come down here and everything is white; white sand, there’s no seaweed at all. The water is absolutely perfect. It’s turquoise, it’s clear, it’s just gorgeous, it’s sunny. And today’s just one of those days where we got seaweed everywhere, it’s cloudy. I was in the water a second ago, there was seaweed all over my feet and seaweed getting in my shorts. But it’s great to have the understanding that we live in a world that ebbs and flows. And I bet you the next time we’re here, probably about a week or so, this will be back to being the beautiful place that it is. Today, we’re just making the very best of it, having a great time here with what the universe has given us. A lot of times, that’s what we gotta do throughout the day, right?


So anyway, I’m hoping you’re enjoying your day with your family, with your significant other. Take some time to appreciate her or him and man, that just makes sales so much easier. I guarantee you’ll go out and perform a whole lot better. So, this is Alberto Riehl. See you next time.

Quit Selling Life Insurance Like Walmart & Motel6

Hey, good morning. This is Alberto Riehl with Riehl’s Rants, and the first thing I got to share with you is this is definitely going to be the shittiest video that you ever see from me. The reason why this is my first, what do you call this, selfie video ever shot … I can’t believe I just said selfie. I usually make fun of people that do selfies, but I was told to do this by my mentor to get me outside my comfort zone, so I’m doing it this morning, so here it goes, guys.


I’m in New York City and just finished my mastermind. I was here for the last four days and learned some amazing, really mind-blowing artificial intelligence stuff, machine learning stuff that I can’t wait to get back today and implement in my business. There’s nobody else teaching this. We’re going to apply this to life insurance and keep getting even better results. As I was thinking about this, I’m at the Plaza Hotel right now. You can it’s a pretty nice place, right? Probably one of the most iconic, one of the most famous hotels in the world. You have movie stars stay here, presidents, leaders of state, and every morning, there’s a bunch of tourists outside taking pictures. They can’t even get in. You can’t even get into the lobby here. Look at this elevator. They’re taking pictures from the outside wishing they were in here. I’m thinking, “Well, where are they staying?” Alberto Riehl: Look at this elevator.


I don’t know. Are they staying in Motel 6? Are they staying at Super 8? I started thinking about it. Most of you, if you’re watching this, most likely, you’re selling your insurance services like Motel 6, right, like Walmart, based on prices. That is the absolute worst way to do it. That’s the hardest way to do it. Really, you’re doing your clients a disservice. Why not sell your services like the Plaza does? The Plaza is four to six times, maybe 10 times more expensive than the average hotel yet it’s definitely worth it. I got to talk to people as I was here. Everybody’s in a good mood. Everybody can’t wait to come back. I can’t wait to come back and spend more money here at the Plaza. There are friendly people saying, “Good morning.” Security is good. At the end of the day, that’s what we do, right? We sell security, and so what does that have to do with life insurance?


Now, I’m here at the champagne bar. You can see I’m the first one here. It’s actually very early in the morning. It’s about 6:00 a.m. We’ll probably see the sunrise, and you can’t see this, but I was sitting here …


Oh, that’s not good. Alberto Riehl: This is 5th Avenue and Park, and I was sitting here having a cappuccino yesterday morning, and I was looking at that view outside. If you’ve been here, it’s 5th Avenue, right? Again, one of the most famous streets in the world, and you have Cartier on one side right here in front of me, and then the Apple store. I started thinking about that because yesterday was [Sarah’s 00:03:04] birthday. She likes Cartier. We went to Cartier. We got a nice little ring for her, and I was looking at it, and as far as the commodity goes, it’s just gold and diamonds, right? Gold and diamonds. That’s it.


I started thinking about the same thing where you have other retailers selling that for 80% less than they are. Cartier gets to sell their diamonds and their gold for four times, six times, 10 times more than their so-called competition. That’s another great point. They have not competition, right? Maybe you can go get a ring there at Walmart, but again, just like nobody stays at Motel 6 because they want to. They have to. Same thing, people going to, what is it, save money, live better, whatever it is. That’s total bullshit. We’re sitting there, and we get her a nice little eternity band to stack on her other Cartier ring …


We got somebody saying hi there . Which matches her Cartier bracelet, which matches my Cartier watch. Again, why am I saying that? Because people love to come back and spend more money just like the people here at the Plaza cannot wait to come back and stay again just like I can’t wait to come back and stay again. Cartier is making a very good profit, and at the same time though, adding value to their clients. Everybody there is happy. They can’t wait to spend more money. Then, same thing with Apple, right? I’m looking at Apple. I just picked up this phone yesterday. It’s the new iPhone X. Is that what it’s called right, the 10, or whatever it is? That place is packed. Now, Microsoft has a place on 5th Avenue down the street. That place was not packed yet Apple is selling their computers and phones for about four times more than the competition, right? You can go pick up a smartphone for $250, and that’s what Steve Jobs was told, was the sweet spot. $250. “Oh, no, Steve. You can’t sell iPhone for a thousand. Nobody will buy it.”


Of course, he didn’t listen. Now, because of the iPhone, Apple is the most profitable company in history. This place was packed yesterday. I mean packed, buzzing. I tell the lady that’s setting up my phone, “Oh, man. You guys are so busy.” She goes, “Oh no. This is nothing. We’re not busy right now.” What’s my point?


Again, if you’re listening to this, you’re probably selling your life insurance, your insurance services like Motel 6, like Walmart and like who is it? Toshiba or Lenovo or whatever other crappy computer companies that are out there, but nobody’s lining up to by Lenovos, right? Nobody’s lining up to buy that crappy phone that they’re trying to sell you and save money on. This is what my guys are doing.


My guys are selling life insurance not like Walmart, not like you most likely are, but they’re selling it like Cartier and Apple. When I was out in the field, it was very normal. It was an everyday occurrence where I would walk into a family’s home or I meet with somebody in my office, and they would show me this little 73-dollar-a-month life insurance policy. That’s the average, $73 a month. How does somebody even make money selling something $73 a month? 73 a month. I would walk out of there with a life insurance policy of about $300 a month. That’s right, $300 a month, and they were so happy with me, and they thanked me. They cannot wait to see me again and spend more money with me, and they cannot wait to get on the phone and cancel their crappy 73-dollar-a-month Walmart policy, Motel 6 policy because now, they are covered by value, by Cartier or Plaza or Apple.


Guess what? Those things got on the books higher than anybody else. They stayed on the books. Persistency was through the roof. Placement was through the roof. Renewals were through the roof. Referrals were through the roof. They were happy. They came back and bought more. The re-buys were through the roof. If you’re the guy out there like most insurance guys, 97%, selling based on price, “Oh, look. Let me see if I can save you some money. Give me 15 minutes. I’ll save you 15%.” I want you to realize that you are not a sales professional. You’re an order-taker. Order-takers don’t make any money, right? Order-takers are, “Hey, welcome to McDonald’s. May I take your order please?” “Oh, yes. Let me supersize it. Let me get a Big Mac,” and chances are, you’re earning about the same as that order-taker.


Sales professionals, we sell based on value, and because of that, people are willing to pay four times more, 10 times more. In that same hour that most agents are making their little 73-dollar-a-month commission, whatever that is. Who knows? I think we call it petty cash or gas money. Our guys are earning four times more, six times more, so if you’re one of those guys that’s selling a commodity when it comes to insurance, right, saving people five bucks, and you realize that your client is not loyal to you. They’re loyal to a good deal. You’re going to lose them soon, and you’re scared every day. I want to thank you because without you, our group and the success of our group at Predictable Premium would not be possible.


For our Predictable Premium members that go out there every day and add value to the community and give back and service their clients and keep pushing the envelope and keep doing things that I never dreamed of. We just had a guy name [Derek 00:08:51], sold the biggest policy ever, right, and the person, after just one meeting, we do this in one meeting, 125,000-dollar a year premium. I never did anything close to that, but you know what? Our group, we have members doing that all the time. They keep pushing. They keep adding value to our communities. They keep servicing their clients, and they’re earning, because of it, more money than anybody else out there ever has. I want to thank you guys, and we’ll see you on the very next video.

Accidental Valentine

Hey guys, Alberto Riehl’s Rants. Today I’m hanging out with Sarah, who is right behind me. We’re actually spending a little bit of quality time together. It’s very important to. Keep doing your test. She’s actually taking a personality test right now. It’s Wednesday. It’s about 3:30 in the afternoon. Left the kids at home. We usually … It’s a little day date. I think it’s very important to do this. We’ve been together now for almost a decade. We’re just here at a very casual place to give us a chance to connect. It’s a pretty cool place. I’m going to show you. You can see the background. It’s in Akumal, one of our favorite places in Akumal. We’re right on the ocean here. We can see the ocean. There’s the water. Look at the color of that water.


All right, so we’re right on the water here. It’s a casual place to come, have some fresh seafood, have a little fun. Sarah’s taking the Myers-Briggs personality test, which I definitely recommend it. You can actually take it online. Just thought it would be kind of fun. I just got my results, and we’re going to find out if we’re compatible.



Sarah: I’m going to take it with a margarita.


Okay. Hopefully it’s, we still have some, it’s not too late right. Anyway, kind of distracted me a little bit. As we’re taking this time to connect, I was thinking about every day we talk to agents who unfortunately they share with us that they want to start our program but their wife or their husband just doesn’t support them in it. You really can’t have success in life or in business without the support of your wife or husband, your domestic partner. What is great is at the same time we have many members in our group who as we go over their targets and their goals for doing the program, at the top of the list, especially lately, we’ve had a lot who say, “Hey, I want to bring my wife home so she doesn’t have to work anymore, so she doesn’t have to commute. I want to bring my husband home. He really is working too hard. He’s stressed out all the time. We want more freedom. We want to work the business together.”


: What’s great is that together we can really accomplish those big things. There’s nothing of great consequence that we can accomplish on our own. With today’s divorce rates, really the odds are against us. I think it’s really important to take the time and connect. For a lot of guys, the first goal is one date a month. Of course, we want to do it as often as possible. Today is actually February 13th. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, so we’re having a little pre-Valentine’s Day. Didn’t even think about that. It’s just something that we do about once a week, if not more. Just spend a little bit of time together. Gives us a chance to connect and catch up with each other. Anyways, it’s usually just something casual like this. Pretty cool little place here.


I’m going to show you our favorite thing about it. Make sure I don’t fall off the cliff here into the ocean. Look at that water. Pretty cool, but there’s this little bar here, they have these little bar tables where you can actually climb. We have somebody climbing now. See if you can see this guy. They have the buckets here. This is where you put the, the waiters put the beer. Then you actually climb up here and there’s a bar up there. Trying to do the right angle here. Actually when you hang out up there you have a beautiful ocean view and have your beers. This is a place in Akumal called La Buena Vida. Anyways, Riehl’s Rants. Just wanted to share a quick little video as I’m sitting here with Sarah. Hoping your taking some time out of your schedule to accent, focus on the important things, connect with your loved one. Hope you’re doing that. Talk to you soon.

Dinosaurs vs Robots

Hey, guys. Alberto here, Riehl’s Rants. Today, I want to talk to you about dinosaurs versus robots. What do I mean by that? Well, it’s the old school way of doing business versus the new way of doing business. This is where I do a lot of my work. You can see my hammock here and what I usually do in the morning is I come here on my hammock, lay down. Get some thinking done here. Now I got to be open with you. Usually I face the other way but I’m giving you guys the good view today so you’re welcome. I’ll stay here for hours in the morning thinking about business, thinking about the big picture.


As I was doing that earlier today, I saw my neighbors. You can see on this side we just have raw jungle and then of course we’ve got the Caribbean ocean right there. Then next door is our neighbors, the Clarks. The Clarks are amazing people. The Clarks are, man, they’re about 80 years old I’m guessing. You’ve heard of the Clarks. I mean, Clarks Shoes, C-L-A-R-K-S, Clarks Shoes. They have over 2,000 locations around the world. If you haven’t seen one, then you need to get out a little bit more. I started thinking about the way that they generated their wealth and their income and the way they run their business and you would think that the Clarks being 80 years old … They’re British. They got this British accent, really cute. They usually will peek on the other side of the wall there and say good morning as I’m here swimming in the ocean, which I do almost everyday or in the pool in the afternoon.


They always wonder what does this guy do? In the morning he’s out here. He’s swimming in the ocean. He’s swimming in his pool. In the afternoon by 2:00 or 3:00, he’s with his kids having fun in the backyard. They have to work a lot harder doing business the old school way. Chances are if you’re watching this right now, you’re a dinosaur. You’re doing your business … Of course we’re going to be specifically talking about life insurance. You’re doing your life insurance business, grinding it out.


Let’s compare the two models real quick. With their model, the Clarks, they have over 2,000 locations, 2,000 locations around the world. They also have over 15,000 employees, over 15,000 employees. That’s crazy, right? Now, here is the kicker. They’ve been in business over 150 years. Pretty crazy. Pretty crazy.


Now, let’s compare it to our model, the robot, the new ways of doing business. Now, I got a little confession to make. I was a dinosaur for 19 years in the insurance business. I was out there grinding it out, doing the things that I was taught by the insurance company which, by the way, are horrible, not efficient things, but grinding it out. It’s only been a few years since I became a robot and started using technology to do all the heavy lifting.


Let’s compare models. My model, I don’t have a single location. Zero location. This is my location. This is how I do business. This is my uniform. This is how I do business everyday. It’s February, by the way. It’s about 75 degrees. 2,000 locations, old model or new model, no locations, zero employees. Old model, 15,000 plus employees. This model, new model, no employees.


Now, here is the kicker again. It took them, in the old model, over 150 years to get to where they are. Now, they love being here and the Clarks, they have homes all over the world and they share with me every time I talk to them, “Oh, this is our favorite place. This is our favorite place. Oceanfront in the Caribbean.” You know what? It’s my favorite place, too. I must confess. But 150 years. It took me less than five years of being a robot to get here, less than five years of using technology to do the heavy lifting for me. Again, if you’re watching this, most likely you are a dinosaur, right? Even if it sucks and you have to admit it. Yeah, you’re a dinosaur.


Let’s talk about some common characteristics I guess that we would say about dinosaurs. If you do business the old school way, you’re probably meeting with your clients two, three, four, five times to maybe close the deal. 75% of those clients disappear after the first meeting, don’t even want to talk to you. You’re probably, if you’re a dinosaur, you are bothering your friends and family to sell life insurance. Oh, my gosh. What a horrible existence. They see you coming at Thanksgiving. Oh, no. Here he comes, going to try to sell us some life insurance.


What else do dinosaurs do? Oh, observation. Observation. Have you heard that one? Observation, let me teach you, is a fancy word for bugging strangers around you anywhere you go. What a horrible strategy. That is actually considered a strategy and it oozes desperation, desperation. What else do dinosaurs do? If you use stalling tactics and you like to stall and complicate the sales process and make it longer like procrastinating the no. You’re definitely afraid of the no so your prospect says, “Hey, follow up with me next week.” “Sure. What time?” You’re a dinosaur. Or, “Hey, send me some information.” “Sure. What would you like?” You’re a dinosaur. Here’s a good one. “Give me some numbers of your clients. I want to call and bug them because that’s what clients love to do is talk to strangers when they’re busy.” “Sure. How many clients would you like to bother of mine?” Dinosaur.


Guys, you don’t have to do business that way. Take it from a former dinosaur. It’s a lot better being a robot. It’s a lot more efficient. We let technology do the heavy lifting, the educating, the qualifying. You know that dinosaurs are still using their most valuable asset, time, to qualify and to educate people. Why not have technology do it? That’s what us robots do.


Now, we close business in one meeting. We have guys that have closed at six figure premiums a year in one meeting. Yes. Guess what? We also only talk to people that actually want to talk to us, people that come to us asking for our service they know what it is that we offer. We only talk to those people and we get to be very picky with who we talk to. We also don’t participate in any of those stalling techniques. We want to get a no as quickly as possible. Now, most of the people we talk to actually say yes because they’re looking for us. But if it’s going to be a no, we want to get it done as quickly as possible so we can get to that next yes, so we don’t participate in the stalling techniques. We do not complicate our sales process. Follow up with me. We don’t follow up. We’ll let the dinosaurs follow up for us. Send me some information. We don’t have information to send. Sorry, that’s what dinosaurs do. Let me bother some of your clients. Ah, one of my favorite ones. No. We don’t do that.


The choice is yours. Now, you can keep being a dinosaur and I fought it for a long time. I was a dinosaur for 19 years. I didn’t like technology. I kept pushing it away but I knew that finally I had to embrace it because we all know what happens to dinosaurs.


Now, if you’re the type of agent that says, “You know what? I’m still going to be a dinosaur,” I got some good news for you. The good news is the destination is the same. The result is the same. You can do the old model like a dinosaur like my neighbors which I love, by the way, the Clarks. I love those guys. That’s the good news. You will end up here. We’re next door neighbors. Now, I do have some bad news though. You will not be alive to see the result. You will not be alive to enjoy it. Maybe it’s time to start doing things with today’s technology. Maybe it’s time to be a robot.


It’s funny how I think about stuff. I was thinking, “I think there’s a movie about that. Robots against dinosaurs?” Then I thought, “No. It’s like King Kong against Godzilla or something like that.” There’s no movie of dinosaurs versus robots because it would lasts like 30 seconds. The robot would just destroy the dinosaur with its technology and lasers. There would be a lot of pissed off people paying good money for a 30 second movie. We have a complete unfair advantage today. The technology is here. It’s time to stop fighting it. But, if you choose to continue to be a dinosaur, I do have to thank you. Our group thanks you because without you, the dinosaurs, we would not have an unfair advantage. Imagine if we were all robots. Well. That’s why we’re very picky with the people and the agents and advisors that we let into our group.


Again, I’ve been there before grinding it out as a dinosaur. It’s 1:00 in the afternoon, 1:05 and I remember around this time I was usually injecting myself with Starbucks or energy drinks to try to get rid of that crash in the afternoon, grinding it out. If you’re a dinosaur, you know what I’m talking about. You’re probably experiencing that now. Today, as a robot, we just don’t fight nature anymore. We do things efficiently. If you feel a little drowsy coming on at 1:00 in the afternoon, we call that siesta time, one of my favorite parts of the day. I want to thank all the dinosaurs out there for letting the robots be robots and helping us have that unfair advantage and we will talk to you on our next video.

My Best,

Alberto Riehl